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OAuthcalypse Is Nigh! Is your App up to date?

In OAuth authentication, the website or app will send you to Twitter where you sign yourself in, then Twitter will tell the website or app “Yeah, they are who they say they are.” The website or app only gains the ability to do certain things with your account — post, read, reply, search — while staying locked out from the more sensitive stuff.

The biggest advantage of OAuth is you don’t have to tell your Twitter password to anyone other than Twitter. Also, OAuth connections are token-based, so once a connection is established, you can change your Twitter password without having to re-enter it into the website or app.

The only disadvantage is that old apps that haven’t updated to use OAuth will stop working this week. All of the popular ones (Seesmic, Tweetdeck, etc.) have already updated.

Apparently this changeover was initially scheduled to occur earlier this year. But it was delayed because of the volume of Tweets linked to some recent global football event.

It’s a much better system of authentication, and I’ve been using it for my apps for a while now (albeit in XAuth form). Have you brought yours up to date?

Posted: August 31st, 2010
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Intel Acquires Infineon

In an effort to bolster its position in the smartphone market, Intel Corp. has agreed to buy the wireless business of German chip maker Infineon Technologies AG for about $1.4 billion in cash, the companies said Monday.

Infineon makes the wireless chips for the iPhone, as well as for devices from other leading smartphone manufacturers.

Posted: August 30th, 2010
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ANTETYPE (Beta) : User Interface Design…

ANTETYPE is a brand new, ground-breaking design application that supports user interface designers at every step of their work. Design beautiful interfaces, invent new widgets, style them and put it all together in an interactive prototype!

Checking it out now.

Posted: August 30th, 2010
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The Next “Must Have” iDevice : iWatch

I’m not saying Apple is or isn’t going to release an iWatch.  I’m just saying that if Apple does release a 1.8-inch iPod nano touch screen device, all of the kids are going to be ‘harnessing’ them on their wrists.  It is the natural way to use a device like this.  Think about it.  Why do people wear watches on their wrists?

In fact, people are already wearing their heavier iPod touch and current iPod nanos on their arms,  Is it that hard to imagine the device sliding down another foot?

People at the gym or jogging around town schweaty are going to be rocking these too with its Nike+ skills and pedometer.  The kids mentioned before are going to be wearing them like kids of my generation wore Swatch watches.  They’ll carry pictures, video, movies, a calendar, a contact database and a bunch of other stuff.

It will also server as a 8GB USB stick for sneaker-netting files around with you.  It will have FM radio too.  Maybe even a camera of some sort, but doubtful.  It will cost under $100 or it will be a tough sell.

All I am really saying is that if Apple builds a 1.8-inch Nano with a touch screen interface, peeps are going to be putting them on their wrist.

Reading this through, and looking at the mock-up eye-candy I just realised that I would have to buy one. And so would everyone else I know.

I am not saying Apple is making one either. But its kind of like the iPhone thing. You know, when it was still just a rumour that had been rattling around for a decade…

This is a must have gadget. At $99 they would sell like hot cakes. At $99 they are almost disposable items. Certainly stocking fillers. Apple would not be able to make enough of them.

And the great thing is everyone who has ever had an iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone, or even been exposed to one of those devices, would know how it works.

The iWatch doesn’t even need to exist. It can still be an iPod Shuffle. It just needs the wrist strap, and the basic iOS clock app. Genius!

If it had apps too… Wow! iTamagotchi anyone?

Posted: August 28th, 2010
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Samsung Galaxy Tab : Size Sweet Spot?

Has Samsung hit on a size sweet spot with this device?

Will Apple follow suit with an iOS device of this size?

Posted: August 27th, 2010
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Apple Approved : Intuit Mobile Merchant Solution

Intuit announced a partnership on Thursday with Apple accessory manufacturer mophie, which makes the one-million-plus-selling JuicePack battery supplement for the iphone, to create hardware for the $180 Create Credit Card Solution.

“Something that’s important to Apple, because this is going to be sold in their stores, is they wanted it to be incredibly easy to communicate what it’s going to cost, and how quickly you’ll be up and running — and that you’re up and running before you leave the store,” said Ross Howe, mophie’s vice president of marketing and new business development.

“And also the fact that there’s no contract. Most merchant service providers require hefty contracts and incredible termination fees, and the fact that you can turn this on if you’re in a farmers’ market for the summer and then just call and cancel your account until next summer, for really reasonable rates — and there’s something to be said for that.”

This one might fly. I can see mobile merchants using a solution, which when coupled with mophie’s battery pack for the iPhone will offer a viable mobile credit card terminal for use throughout a working day.

[A] Complete Credit Card Solution from Intuit and mophie costs $12.95 per month regardless of how much or how little you use it. It also costs 1.7 to 3.7 percent of each transaction plus $.30 to $.40 per transaction. Those fees are competitive. (Assuming you can get your hands on the hardware, Square charges 2.75 percent plus 15 cents.)

I reported on Square a while ago. I said then that its only chance was to be bought out by Apple. It was pretty obvious to me then that that was what they were hoping for.

Doesn’t seem like that will happen. Perhaps Google will pick them up.

I am still curious how long even Intuit’s solution will last. Apple are going to be doing this all electronically (and in-house) soon anyway.

Posted: August 26th, 2010
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iControlPad heads into production…


Posted: August 26th, 2010
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iTunes Connect Payment site gets refined…

Apple today announced an update to their iTunes Connect Payments and Financial Reporting website. The new site was re-built from scratch in order to provide developers with an easier gateway to information about their payments. The new interface is what Apple calls a “dashboard” setup and features a cleaner layout with four main tabs: Summary, Earnings, Owed, and Payments.

I was playing with this last night. It is the first time I have had a clear overview of my app sales worldwide, and a clear overview of outstanding cash I am owed in some of the more remote locations Apple sells to.

The best thing about this “update” is that Apple now unifies payments for developers into one global monthly payment. That is far more significant than the user interface, which is also cool. For one thing it saves on bank charges.

So all those pennies you earned in Outer Mongolia may be coming to you sometime soon!

Posted: August 26th, 2010
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Apple : Music-focused media event for September 1

That rumored September Apple event will be coming even sooner than expected, now that Apple has sent out invitations for an event at 10am Pacific Time on September 1. As usual, the company did not specify exactly what will be discussed at the media-only event, but the image contains the typical clues that this will be a music-focused event.

This is much earlier than expected. If negotiations for Apple TV were “ongoing” a few days ago, this seems to suggest that the Apple TV may have been dropped from the line up. As I have said, I may be wrong about Apple TV. But my gut tells me that we’re not going to see it – unless Apple are very upfront about it still being a “hobby” project.

Expect an iPod Touch with FaceTime, Retina Display and a cut down rear facing camera.

No iPad iOS unification, yet.

iOS 4.1 and Game Centre will be one of the focusses.

Posted: August 26th, 2010
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How will the new Apple TV be Controlled?

I agree that Apple would never require a user to have an iPhone / iPad in order to use their Apple TV.

I think ultimately, Apple TV will be able to be controlled in a variety of ways. Keep in mind this is pure conjecture…

Default: Apple Remote

Option 1: Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad

Option 2: iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

If Apple push out a new Apple TV next month, something I am not convinced of yet, I think free remote control apps for the iPhone, iPod and iPad are a given.

Option 3: Game Controller

Or this?

Actually, I doubt it. But it would be fun.

Posted: August 25th, 2010
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