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Leaked Intel Roadmap : Dual Core MBPs soon-ish?

Set to land in fall, the dual-core Core i7-640M runs at a base frequency of 2.8GHz with the ability to run at up to 3.46GHz when required. The new processors have the same power requirements as current chips.

Updated last month the MacBook Pro range offers a 2.66GHz top of the range model that uses the Core i7 processor. “It’s unlikely that Apple will refresh the whole lineup this fall, but could offer the new processor as a build-to-order option,” notes MacRumors.

I might tolerate one of Intel’s IGPs actually being present in my MacBook Pro if I had a dual core CPU.

Posted: June 1st, 2010
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Some early (wrong) WWDC predictions…

iPhone OS 4.0 and the new iPhone 4G. Duh!

The next version of the Mac OS X, perhaps.


In an inspired bit of entrail reading this morning, Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu says Apple (AAPL) may have a libretto of big WWDC announcements. “Other announcements we are picking up that could potentially be made are, a web-based version of its iTunes client, and new Mac refreshes with faster processors and graphics, namely the Mac Pro and MacBook Air, which were last refreshed in March and June 2009, respectively,” he wrote in a note to clients this morning.

Wu is simply doing what most Apple watchers might do. He’s looking at refresh periods on hardware. Sure the Air is due for an update. So are a lot of things going by that metric.

But Apple’s only option right now is to pair the small-outline Core 2 Duo with the new NVIDIA GeForce 320M controller with integrated graphics. That GPU is a significant upgrade to the 9400M used in current MacBook Air models, and would offer increased performance with a decreased drain on the battery. But it is hardly an exciting step forward for the CPU.

All the Core i5 and i7 offerings from Intel require the use of Intel’s IGPs, which are less powerful than the current NVIDIA GPU being used in the Air. And now that Intel has taken the wraps off its ULV mobile processors we can see that they too rely on the same awful IGPs. Cramming an extra NVIDIA GPU into the Air, alongside Intel’s updated silicon is not really an option with its small form factor.

So no Air update. Even if it is “updated”, it’s not really an update. It’s a “bump”.

I am actually hearing whispers that Apple is at least experimenting with some custom silicon for the next MacBook Air. But I don’t see it being available as soon as WWDC, if at all.

Going out on a limb : I don’t think we’ll see any major Macintosh updates at all at WWDC this year – apart from perhaps Mac Pros.

I also tend to agree with Peter Kafka (now) that it probably is a bit early for a cloud based version of iTunes.

“Sources tell me that in the past few weeks, Apple has started signaling to the labels that it’s interested in a Web-based version of iTunes, its dominant music retail platform,” Kafka wrote on April 30. “But those conversations are preliminary at best. So if you’re expecting to hear about an ‘’ offering in the near future–like during Apple’s June 7 developer conference–you’re likely to be disappointed.”

I do think a ‘cloud’ iTunes is coming, especially when you consider the rumours about Apple’s new Apple TV plans from the last 24 hours. I had previously theorised that it may come around WWDC time, but in the light of the last 24 hours I do have to admit I think that is less likely now.

Posted: May 29th, 2010
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MacBook Pro Core i7 can get hot : 100+ºC

During testing of the latest Core i7-620M based 17in Macbook Pro we noticed that there were problems running certain tests in our benchmark suite. The score being spat out for the Photoshop tests – fourth in a suite of six test applications – in particular was quite low, and we wondered whether it was down to heat issues.


To be sure of our results we left the Macbook Pro overnight to cool off. Upon coming back into the office we repeated our tests, first in Windows and then in OS X. By the time the second run of the Cinebench test finished in Windows, the CPU Diode was reporting a temperature of 101 degrees Celsius.

A similar situation occurred in OS X. We’ve included the graph showing the heat output from the MacBook Pro’s sensors below.

In it the CPU peaks at 101 degrees, but worryingly the heat buildup in the CPU doesn’t register on the enclosure sensors. This is despite the chassis getting hot to the touch, and the heat buildup being registered on all the hardware-based sensors in the Macbook Pro.


The generally cool styling of the Macbook Pro just doesn’t seem too capable when put up against the sheer output of Intel’s Core i7 processor. This is reinforced by the Fujitsu Lifebook running 20 degrees cooler in the same tests with the same CPU.


Posted: April 27th, 2010
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[Rumor] New MacBooks start manufacture April..

Taiwan Apple Daily reports that new MacBooks start production this month.

Translated Version via Google Translate.

The report says delays were due to short supplies of Intel’s Core iX series of laptop processors.  Apparently the new MacBooks had originally been scheduled to be released in March.

The report also says that updated MacBook Airs will receive the Intel Core i3 series chips. They list Quanta, Hon Hai, Hong-jun, Nikko, Chao Li as manufacturers.

Finally, the report states that new MacBook Pros will top out at 640GB Hard drives or 248GB SSDs and that battery life had been increased to eight hours.

There is some confusion as to whether the new machines will actually ship in April or not. Even Chinese translators are finding the wording ambiguous.

As near as we can tell the release will start in April but orders may not catch up to demand until June?

via 9TO5Mac.

In any case this information does seem to tie up with Steve Jobs’ short cryptic reply of “Not to worry” to a customer who emailed him asking when we could expect new machines.

Posted: April 6th, 2010
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