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[U] Is Microsoft paying $13 for each Skype user?

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier tonight that Microsoft–in what would be its most aggressive acquisition in the digital space–was zeroing in on buying Skype for $8.5 billion all in with an assumption of the Luxembourg-based company’s debt.

Sources told BoomTown tonight that the deal for the online telephony and video communications giant is actually done and will be announced early tomorrow morning.

The purchase–which has been spearheaded in closely held negotiations by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, with an assist from top dealmaker Charles Songhurst–is a bold move for the software giant and its biggest acquisition in more than three decades.

This deal is utter madness. Microsoft’s only option to make this deal work is to monetize Skype (and its other VOIP services) in ways that Skype itself already knows will only lead to alienation of its users, and a mass exodus from the service. Despite all the reliable sources confirming this story, I still find it hard to believe that even Ballmer is this dumb, or this desperate.

Apple, with their strong presence in mobile and Facetime, must be turning backflips right now. Not to mention the other existing VOIP companies out there (who have always had Skype as their main competitor), including Google.

The big price will give Microsoft–which has struggled in its online efforts and has lost billions of dollars for its work–a big brand name on the Web.

With Skype, which has been aggressively expanding, Microsoft will continue to lose money in its Internet efforts. Skype lost $7 million on revenue of $860 million. Operating profits, which Skype preferred to highlight, were $264 million.

And–let us not forget–Skype’s debt is $686 million. Silver lining: That’s slightly less than Microsoft’s Online Services division losses in its most recent quarter!

But, sources said, the concept is bigger than just money, including getting access to Skype’s 663 million registered users.

From All Things D

Are we really expected to believe that Microsoft is paying $13 per registered Skype user, and assuming all the companies debts to boot?

Good luck with that. Skype is simply going to disappear, along with a huge chunk of Microsoft’s remaining cash hoard and credibility.

The only good thing to come from this is that Ballmer will finally be ousted from the company.

UPDATE : Bloomberg are reporting that Skype only has around 170 million active users. Which would mean that Microsoft could be paying around $52 for each of them!

Posted: May 10th, 2011
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Facetime for the iPad 2…

Posted: February 9th, 2011
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Two Cameras On The Next iPad…

OmniVision (OVTI) will supply CMOS image sensors for a second-generationApple (AAPL) iPad that will launch in the calendar first quarter of 2011, according to a brief research note yesterday from investment firm Detweiler Fenton.

The research firm contends the new iPad will ship with two cameras, a 5 MP camera and a VGA camera, and likely will support Apple’s FaceTime video chat software.

From Barron’s.

Facetime on the next iPad was always a no-brainer. Apple have always very clearly been aiming to have Facetime on as many of their devices as possible, as well as hoping to spread it outside of their product ecosystem.

However, a second higher quality stills camera as part of next years iPad feature bump was never guaranteed. But with them facing competition from Samsung’s Galaxy Tab (which sports two cameras already) Apple would be crazy not to eliminate that feature disparity.

It remains to be seen if Apple will go with the same innards as the current iPad in any revision. But bearing in mind that the existing iPad circuit board is basically a 256MB version of the iPhone 4, it seems likely that they’ll simply bolt the same cameras on it, and bump the RAM to 512MB for the expected update early next year.

Posted: October 29th, 2010
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Facetime AWOL on Middle Eastern Apple Sites…

Facebook thread from SaudiMac points out that the website graphics for all those countries, plus several others in the Middle East, have lost their FaceTime graphic.

Security concerns, Telco conspiracy or the thought of video calls between young adults too much for those countries to bear?

After all, we’ve all set such a good example with our use of the technology to date…

Posted: September 21st, 2010
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Facetime Over 3G…

Data usage is not actually that high…

[A] 5 minute FaceTime call with lots of movement used 14.7 MB of data. — That’s about 3 MB per minute.

How to do it…

1) Jailbreak your iPhone 4 via

2) Download and upgrade to the latest Cydia package.

3) Open Cydia, Go to Manage then Sources.

4) Click Sources, Edit then add:

5) Search for “My3G” — download, and install it.

6) Go through the Rock setup process with a username and password. Open My3G and leave all settings on the default.

7) FaceTime should now work over 3G! — Make sure to “Forget” the WiFi network you are on (via iOS settings) if you want to test it.

Posted: August 3rd, 2010
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FacePlant : See Which FaceTime Users are Online

If you have an iPhone 4, you’ll probably want this… when it is available.

No idea on cost or availability yet. Perhaps they are hoping Apple will buy them.

You can sign up on their website for news on app availability.

Posted: July 23rd, 2010
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FaceTime coming to iPod…

Your Apple ID will be registered with your device/s, and that will allow other Apple devices to start a FaceTime call using your email address. Apple will also reportedly make use of push notifications to deliver these incoming FaceTime connection requests as we have been informed there is a push notification detector tied into the FaceTime frameworks in the new iPhone OS 4.1 beta.

You first heard how it would work here

I suspect Apple are using some part of their own Push Notification network in order to negotiate FaceTime connections.

Posted: July 19th, 2010
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New iPod Touch Screen Assembly?

There’s your hole for the front facing camera. I think that’s all we’ll get camera-wise.

FaceTime won the coin toss in Steve’s office.

Posted: July 8th, 2010
Categories: Apple, Speculation, iPod
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New iPad by Years End?

If I was a betting man, I believe we will see new iPad models in the near future, smoothly aligned with the iOS 4.x release later this Autumn. I’m expecting a front facing camera only, FaceTime, upgraded RAM, as well as gyroscope functionality. I’m less inclined to believe that a retina type display will come to the iPad so soon. It’s far easier for Apple to get that onto the new iPod in September, and I remain unconvinced that the larger display area needs that just yet.

These are all very safe bets.

I’d say that Steve’s not far off the mark here.

512MB and a front facing camera are no-brainers. Multitasking and FaceTime necessitate those.

Expect 128GB of Flash as an option also.

But it’s a toss up, and Apple are unpredictable.. Where do they see the iPad fitting into their ecosystem. They certainly try to constrain each product in a way that means they don’t cannibalise each other’s respective markets too much.

A Gyro is essential for a good Augmented Reality implementation. So it is possible that Apple may go with a rear camera – but of low quality.

But then I hinted at most of this a few times recently too.

The problem is that Apple won’t do them all.

We may just see a RAM and Flash bump this year.

One thing is certain. Apple will not bump the display size on the iPad anytime soon. Not until they update their SoC to the Apple A5 with a new GPU. The GPU in the iPhone 4 and the iPad is already stressed.

Posted: July 3rd, 2010
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iPhone 4 uses SMS to connect FaceTime calls..

When I activated my iPhone 4 this was one of the messages that popped up as it first made a cellular network connection…

Your carrier may charge for SMS messages used to activate video calling.

So it seems that at some point when two iPhone 4s decide to connect, an SMS is used to initiate the FaceTime call / invitation, and also perhaps send the relevant information that allows the devices to negotiate their ongoing FaceTime connection.

Posted: June 28th, 2010
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