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Twitter for Mac.. on the Mac App Store

Twitter is proud to introduce an appropriately slick and simple desktop application for Mac computers. Twitter for Mac has launched today as part of the Mac App Store.

This app gives Twitter users another fast and convenient way to stay connected to what they care about the most. Tweets appear in real-time (using our streaming API), and the app auto-shortens URLs and has lots of useful keyboard shortcuts.

The app is also three times faster than its original version that was previously called Tweetie for Mac. Tweetie for Mac was a desktop client that was originally created by atebits developer Loren Brichter prior to our acquisition of atebits last April. Twitter for Mac is a new version updated by Loren and team during Twitter’s first Hack Weekin October.

We acquired atebits with a focus on launching our own Twitter iPhone application. Since then, we’ve been asked repeatedly for a new version of Tweetie for Mac. We decided that the new version fits well into our goal of ensuring that mainstream users will have the best possible experience on popular platforms. We hope you enjoy it.

Quite simply my favourite OS X app. I’d gladly pay for it. Luckily it’s free!

I have been desperate to dump TweetDeck. Not because it is a bad app in itself. But because AIR is a complete pig when it comes to resource use.

Posted: January 6th, 2011
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Jean-Louis Gassée : The Future of OS X is iOS…

Jean-Louis Gassée argues both for and against iOS becoming the ultimate Apple OS…

Over time, iOS version 7 or 10 will become the operating system that runs inside most Apple computing devices. As shown in the recent preview of the next OS X version, “Lion” will borrow iPad UI features such as full-screen apps hiding the windowing system, and a launchpad for Mac apps that resembles the iPad home screen. And, any day now, the iPad will get folders, not a visible file system, but a way to group apps, like today’s iPhone.

Couldn’t agree more. Apple’s current unification of iPhone OS and iOS could even be seen as a very very early study in how future unifications will go.

Ultimately, whichever way the marge goes down, we will end up with one OS. This is so obvious to me that I am surprised when people feel the need to call it speculation.

Both “Monday Notes” from Gassée are well worth the time taken to read them.

Posted: November 15th, 2010
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OS X MenuEverywhere : Neat Little App

Neat little system widget.

It’s not the most atheistically pleasing solution to multi-monitor menu problems. But you can selectively enable and disable the menu for specific apps, and when working on your second monitor in Photoshop it is extremely useful.


Posted: September 15th, 2010
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Steam Centric Snow Leopard Graphics Update

The Snow Leopard Graphics Update contains stability and performance fixes for graphics applications and games, including fixes that:

  • address frame rate issues occurring in Portal and Team Fortress 2 on certain Macs
  • resolve an issue that could cause Aperture 3 or StarCraft II to unexpectedly quit or become unresponsive

This is all good of course.

But come on Apple, how about one that..

  • “increases your OpenGL number from 2.x to 3.0.”
Posted: August 18th, 2010
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Valve to Release Mac Graphics Code to Developers

While the helping hand will only go out to developers planning to use the Steamworks community infrastructure, Valve’s business development director Jason Holtman claimed that coding for the graphics layer is “the real hard work in a making a Mac version.”

In order to expedite development of OSX-compatible games, “We’re going to release some of our graphics code for the GL layer,” Holtman said in an interview (to be published in full next week).

Great strategy.

I’d be interested in taking a look at what they are offering, if  I wasn’t committed to my own engines. But Valve certainly seem to be serious about giving both developers and consumers alike, the best experience they can.

Posted: July 30th, 2010
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Developers expect iOS and Mac OS to merge over time

Interesting article. I am not sure I agree with the title’s premise 100%. Without a desktop eco-system we can’t make mobile apps. And there will forever be features that engineers require that are beyond the capabilities of mobile devices – no matter how much more powerful those devices get.

But sure, Mac OS and iOS will certainly share more and more features moving forward.. iOS was born of Mac OS originally anyway. So synergy between them is a given.

What is interesting is the the general consensus among the engineers spoken to, that most “users” would be happy with an iPad over a MacBook, but that they, as engineers, would always need a “real” computer!

This comment though, I could not agree more with :

Brichter had more colorful comments about his love for Objective-C, which stem from his love for the performance of straight C itself.

“Objective-C is perfect, and if you don’t think so you’re a Windows-lover. Just kidding,” he told Ars. “But really, Objective-C is awesome in my mind for one reason: it goes high-low, like a poker game. Google, Microsoft, Palm, etc can dick around in Candy Land, but try twiddling some bitmaps before passing them to the graphics driver in Javascript—Objective-C can do it, because C can do it.”

Posted: June 23rd, 2010
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Future Macs…

Jonny Evans mashes up some Mac and iPhone rumours. Some of it is worth a read, just as food for thought. In it he touches on rumours of iPhone OS integration into Mac OS X, and multi-touch iMacs.

And at one point he touches on the long overdue update for the MacBook Air :

Look to the now long-in-the-tooth MacBook Air. The thinnest Mac ever, imagine if it had a 13-inch MultiTouch screen. Imagine if it was an iPad form factor, with a virtual keyboard and an invisible trackpad.

Didn’t he just describe the iPad there?

Imagine it ran a full version of Mac OS X, while also enabling use of iPhone apps in that mooted Dashboard-like emulation layer. This truly would be the thinnest, lightest and most sophisticated Mac around.

Ultimately OS X will run on many more flavours of silicon. This is clear to most people watching Apple evolve its device, OS and development tool ecosystem. Even if it’s not obvious to you from that, you should be able to look at what the iPhone does today, and what computers did yesterday and make a connection.

You should also be able to see that ‘Touch’ is going to become more ubiquitous with our day to day computing experience in the future. (If only our fingers were not so greasy and dirty.)

Interestingly though, Jonny almost touches on something that I have heard – as a rumour :

That the MacBook Air is not necessarily going to be using a traditional Intel CPU at some point in the next too distant future.

Posted: June 1st, 2010
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Apple faces patent suits : iTunes, Safari, Mac OS X

Apple is involved in some curious patent cases filed this week in Texas federal district courts. One suit claims that Apple’s iTunes Store (among many others) infringes on a patent for what is essentially an online store for music downloads. Another lawsuit claims that Safari, DVD Player, Front Row, and even Mac OS X itself infringe on a number of patents related to adjustable length displays of textual and other data.

The first lawsuit, filed in the patent-friendly Eastern District of Texas, comes from Sharing Sound LLC, which holds the rights to a patent for “distribution of musical products by a web site vendor over the internet.”

Sony and its various subsidiaries, Rhapsody, Napster, Brilliant Digital Entertainment, and Microsoft are also named as codefendants

A separate (slightly different) suit also targets Amazon, Netflix, Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, and GameStop.

In another lawsuit, this time coming from the Western District of Texas, interaction design firm MONKEYmedia claims that certain features of Mac OS X and Safari infringe on the company’s patents related to “non-salience deemphasis.” This is a rather obtuse term for “cutting out the unimportant parts.”

All of the suits, and the patents they “protect”, are so vague, and describe fundamental practices that web businesses have been employing for years, so as to best be described as blatantly opportunistic fishing trips.

All of them are more reasons why Patent Laws in the US need to be overhauled, and soon.

Posted: May 24th, 2010
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Quick Look: Mac OS X Portal Performance

The Macintosh platform is renowned for being a graphical powerhouse, but this refers to professional/prosumer photography and the like. For gaming, Apple has been slow to include support for new hardware and new driver features (they are just now OpenGL 3.0 compliant) and overall their drivers are more conservative when it comes to performance. Portal is going to be slower, the question is by how much.

Portal – like all Source engine games – is CPU limited when given a powerful enough GPU, and even with just a GTX 285 we can approach that under Windows. Under Mac OS X however, we look to be GPU limited at all times.

Ultimately having the Source engine ported to Mac OS X is going to remove the technical need to use Bootcamp to run Windows for games, but based on Portal it doesn’t remove the need to boot Windows for performance reasons. For long-time Mac users none of this should be surprising, but it means that we shouldn’t expect the Mac OS X version of the Source engine to be revolutionary.

Let’s hope that both Apple and Valve work to further embrace gaming on the Mac moving forward.

So far I’ve found the Steam experience to be enjoyable. The idea that once I’ve bought a game I can use it on any platform, and any machine is revolutionary. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

It would be a shame to have that spoiled by Apple’s lagging OpenGL gaming support, and Valve simply porting titles – as opposed to putting some effort into specialising Mac versions for OS X and its quirks.

Posted: May 14th, 2010
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Mac OS X 10.6.4 to tackle issues with OpenGL

The next update to Apple’s Snow Leopard operating system will pick up where Mac OS X 10.6.3 left off by tackling compatibility issues with OpenGL-based applications and bandaging glitches with first- and third-party applications.

That’s according to a list of code corrections that Apple provided to some developers on Thursday alongside the second external beta of Mac OS X 10.6.4, carrying build number 10F46. It arrived roughly one week after the Mac maker issued the first external pre-release copies of the Snow Leopard update, which focused on graphics drivers, Windows file sharing, USB devices and Voice Over.

From AppleInsider.

I haven’t been doing much work in OS X with OpenGL recently. But have seen a few people reporting problems with some more esoteric functions on various mailing lists.

Separate from all of that, most people who have an opinion on OpenGL on OS X, seem understandably bemused as to why Apple haven’t managed to get up to speed with OpenGL 3.0 yet. Can someone please wake me up when they do…

Posted: May 8th, 2010
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